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Neutracuticals World (excerpted)
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Author: Mark J.S. Miller, Ph.D., Professor of Pediatrics and Cardiovascular Sciences at Albany Medical College

". . . There is a strong likelihood that another South American product, maca, will lead the charge in drawing attention to this frontier. Maca is the highest altitude-cultivated crop in the world. Related to the turnip, it is the only native cruciferous vegetable of the Americas. Maca has been used to enhance vitality among the indigenous cultures of the Andes for over 5800 years. At an altitude of 14,500 feet above sea level, just existing is an accomplishment. To put it in perspective, light planes that are not pressurized cannot legally fly above 10,000 feet and yet maca is grown nearly another mile into the atmosphere.

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"But is energy and vitality the reason for the interest in Maca? Perhaps, but of greater interest is its ability to promote sexual function and fertility. Remarkably, the consumption of this vegetable has been shown to prevent the compromises in fertility that one encounters at high altitude and it works in males and females. Who would have thought that a vegetable could raise sperm counts and semen volumes and prevent fetal growth restriction and miscarriages? Anyone experienced in marketing knows that sex sells, and a turnip that turns you on, well, you gotta have it!

"So, oddly, the next frontier of herbal medicines in South America may not originate in the rainforest as one would predict, but on a barren plateau in the cold, high Andes, a scene more like the moon than pristine farmland. Maca is likely to bring the attention of the world to South America..."

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