Unsolicited Testimonials

Maca Source, Inc

I've just been reading your website and
am interested to know - Are you an
American Company - or Australian?
Eg with ordering is it American Dollars or Aus?
I must say I perceived less of a "sales pitch"
with your approach, and a certain integrity -
that appeals to me. Your website seems rather
intelligently, and honestly put together.

So, I have been taking your gelatinized maca
powder which I got from a friend here in Aus -
(Gold Coast) and I certainly seem to have found
a change in my energy levels and an evening out
of the PMS symptoms. I have only been taking it
for just over 6 weeks and I only take less than
1 teaspoon per day. Is there somewhere in Aus
I can buy Macasource?

Sally-Jane Rowberry

This has been a lifesaver. Thanks.

L. Lansing

I have been using your maca for about a month now.
I have noticed an increase in energy and harder and
more frequent erections during the day and night.
My concentration level and energy have also increased
dramatically. I used to feel run down and not turned on
all the time by my fiancee easily. She doesn't complain


I first tried maca a few years ago. I had just
gotten married. I tried another version of maca
than yours, I don’t remember what it was called.
I didn't notice any difference at all. Then, recently,

a friend that was using your product asked me to
give it a try. Due to my first experience I was not
expecting much. So, I was very pleasantly surprised

that it produced a wave of good feeling. I felt positive
and alive. This feeling carried over to the sexual
department, the creativity department, the social

department, everything. Makes me wonder if its
really maca you got in there, lol.

J. N.

A colleague of mine has been recommending
your product to his patients who have
hypertension or other contraindications to using
Viagra. I am interested to know if I may obtain
some samples from you for my patients.

Dr. S. Senegal

I feel I must say I thank you and wish
to make order again and make order for friend
he is Bangladeshi so I need it shipped there.


Wow, what an energy rush! I wasn't expecting
much, but after taking macasource for the first
time, I had enough energy to chase my son
around until HE was the one who got worn out!

Sue B.

I am very satisfied with your product. I would
like to set up a bulk purchasing program with you.
Please contact me at [personal information removed].

Sam Kim

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