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  • Concentrated derivative of maca root (gelatinized)

  • University-sponsored clinical trials show 180% increase in sexual desire and 200% increase in male's sperm count

  • Not irradiated, pathogens not present
  • Plain root powder

  • No clinical evidence to support claims of any health benefits

  • Much of the maca exported from Peru is irradiated in order to kill the pathogens (e-coli, salmonella)

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The Maca Source® Difference

In Phase I clinical trials conducted in August 2001 by Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredio in Peru, the subjects taking a derivative of the Peruvian Andes herb "maca" called gelatinized maca reported

increase sexual desire:
increase sperm count:

A summary of the clinical trial results can be found by clicking here.

The process of gelatinization of the maca root was developed by
Universidad Agraria la Molina in Lima, Peru.

Gelatinization is a proprietary extrusion method which separates much of the non-nutrient starch component of the plant from the active alkaloids and sterols.

The result is a concentrated and entirely different product.

Maca & Deceptive Advertisers

The gelatinized maca extruded and purified by Universidad Agraria la Molina is distributed worldwide under the brand name MacaSource®, except for Peru where it is distributed under the brand name MacaSol®.

Since the clinical trials in August, the demand for maca has increased substantially, and continues to increase from word of mouth, magazine articles, and press releases. However, many people remain unaware of the distinction between gelatinized maca, an extracted alkaloid concentrate, and just "maca", a cousin to the turnip. This confusion has been exploited by herb suppliers who jumped on the maca bandwagon with nothing more than dried and granulated whole maca root in their capsules.

The fact of the matter is, ungelatinized maca is made up of mostly starch, like a potato. There has never been a scientifically accepted study that has shown an increase in sexual desire or sperm count from taking ungelatinized maca root.

Maca the Food vs. Maca the Active Phytochemicals
macaenes and macamides

Throughout maca's history there has been talk of its horny aphrodisiac abilities and there is evidence to support the Andean herd people in Junin (who eat maca as part of their diet) are more fertile and sexually active.

Even so, the people of Junin will often consume several maca roots in a meal.
That's more than an entire 90 capsule bottle of 500 milligram dried maca powder.

Clearly, the answer is not to eat a bottle of capsules per day or even several fresh roots per day, but rather to concentrate the tiny portion of active phytochemicals, alkaloids, sterols, macaenes and macamides and remove the starch roughage so that small quantities can produce measurable results.

This is what Agraria la Molina accomplished through gelatinization, and the compelling distinction between "maca" and "gelatinized maca".
Macaenes and Macamides
Considered to be the part of the maca that causes the sexual response benefits detailed in the study.

Gelatinized maca has LESS starch content and HIGHER macamide and macaene content.

Maca only grows naturally in one place in the world: high up in the Andean mountains of Peru.
Maca habitat, history and pharmacology

Numerous articles have been written about maca in leading medical journals and elsewhere.
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